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Your Home Away From HomeThe best way to finally overcome your addiction is by leaving its environment completely. Wasatch Recovery is the perfect place to get the help you need to succeed. The treatment philosophy at Wasatch Recovery was designed to merge the time-tested experience of our therapists with the custom needs of each client.

Inpatient stays consist of short 30-90 day increments of full-time residency. This 24/7 care and treatment ensures help is always there in your combat against addiction. Each day is an intense journey that leads to lasting peace of mind and recovery. From individual therapy and group therapy, to recreation and experiential therapy, Wasatch Recovery makes sure each day includes powerful exercises for the mind, body and spirit.

Each approach to therapy and treatment is more powerful in a full-time residential setting. Therapists will customize treatment that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional group or private setting. You or your loved one will not only see expedited results, but relapse is far less likely. This focus and model creates a new environment for you to live within for the rest of your life. Your life becomes yours again.

The amenities at Wasatch Recovery are appealing to almost any client’s needs and style. The home is just the right size—offering support from like-minded clients but small enough that each client has the space needed to focus on their own journey. The location couldn’t be better. With a breath-taking view of the Wasatch Mountains, just minutes away from world-class ski resorts, the solitude of mountain air provides the right environment for you or your loved one to focus and heal.

Let us help you finally receive your deserved results you have been hoping for. You can take your life back from addiction and mend what has been affected.

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Lasting recovery takes work. Wasatch Recovery is serious about having a low or non-existent relapse rate for clients who participate in inpatient treatment. That’s why we also provide an equally intense and effective Day Treatment program and Intensive Outpatient Program. These programs drastically reduce the likelihood of relapse and ensure a healthy transition back into environments that may not hold or support the same values that you have developed while in treatment.
You or your loved one can choose to participate in Day Treatment for a minimum of 30 days up to 90 days, or the Intensive Outpatient program for up to six months after completing residential treatment. Wasatch Recovery will also admit clients into Day or Outpatient treatment who have not attended a prior inpatient program based on an assessment and that they are a fit for that level of care.
The Wasatch Recovery Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs are similar to our residential treatment program, except for the amount of time and times that clients are in treatment. The Wasatch Day treatment program runs M-F 9am-5pm, and the IOP program runs M-Th evenings. In these programs, your outpatient peers will be like-minded individuals, some who have successfully graduated from prior Inpatient Recovery programs and others who have decided to participate in Day or Outpatient recovery primarily. Our Day and Outpatient programming has a strong and vibrant support community of hundreds of sober individuals as well as support to attend sober community activities and Wasatch sponsored alumni events.