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What to Bring

    1. A credit card or debit card for incidentals. Personal checks will be

***A credit card will be held on file for any incidental charges, such as recovery books, and medications.

  1. Driver’s license or photo ID for identification purposes.
  2. A list of your medications and dosages. If you have an advance directive, please bring that as well.
  3. A two-week supply of your prescription medications. *We will need to take to pharmacy and have bubbled wrapped if bottle is part used, or new unopened bottles on prescriptions additional option.
  4. A small MP3, radio, or CD player with headphones. Speakers will not be permitted. I-pods or MP3 players that support video or picture-taking are not permitted.
  5. Appropriate books.
  6. Family pictures.
  7. Exercise clothing and gym shoes.
  8. Casual comfortable clothing that can be layered.
  9. Appropriate swimming suit for women and boxer style swimsuit for men.
  10. Sleepwear, bathrobe, and slippers.
  11. Shoes for everyday use.
  12. A comfortable pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes.
  13. Weather-appropriate outerwear (e.g., a parka or jacket).
  14. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times
  15. Hats and sunglasses for outings outside the treatment center only.
  16. Personal toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, mouthwash, body lotion, deodorant, razors, tooth paste, and sunscreen (All toiletries must be non-aerosol and alcohol-free.
  17. Toiletries containing alcohol will be locked in the facility safe.)
  18. Feminine hygiene products
  19. Contact list that includes the name, address, phone number of family members you would like to have involved in your treatment, professionals you have been recently working with if applicable (these may include physicans, therapists, dietitians, lawyers, etc.), as well as any other emergency contact numbers you may need.
  20. If you smoke, you must bring sealed and packaged cartons.